Anaplasso Therapy

Psycho-sexual Therapy

Talking about sexual problems can be very difficult and painful, often causing feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and inadequacy.

Recognising that there is a problem and having the courage to overcome your natural reticence to talk about it and seek help can result in not only your sex life improving, but also the intimate side of your relationship being enriched.

Many problems respond well to therapy and common areas include:

  • Loss of Desire and Arousal Difficulties
  • Dyspareunia (Pain during intercourse)
  • Vaginismus (when the muscles around the vagina contract in response to pressure)
  • Erectile Dysfunctions including rapid and delayed ejaculation
  • Orgasmic/Anorgasmic Problems
  • Impact of Cancer treatment on sexual functioning

The first appointment is an assessment to establish whether psycho-sexual therapy is appropriate or whether we might suggest relationship counselling, or a consultation with your GP to rule out any organic problems.

The next step is a detailed History Taking followed by a discussion about the way forward. If we all agree that psycho-sexual therapy is appropriate, we will start work based on a treatment plan we have formulated for your particular needs. The theory base for psycho-sexual therapy is cognitive behavioural. By changing what you do and think about aspects of your sexual life things can improve. You will be given practical exercises to do in your own home. Therapy will also include education and recommended reading and may also include using medication or aids. There is no age limit!

Appointments will normally be weekly and last one hour, however we recognize the challenges involved with regular face to face appointments and can offer a flexible approach.

We have found it is important to work in a holistic manner which means that we look not only at the sexual problem, but the context, such as culture, beliefs and family systems.